HK Daijoubu生活雜誌於2017年在香港成立,是以博客形式,分享和交流生活點滴的社群媒體資訊平台。Daijoubu是主要面向女性的平台,我們的願景是「讓每位讀者都愛上真實內在的自己」,我們的使命是「為讀者的心身靈健康發掘更適當的資訊,讓生活更愉悅和充實,提供互助和指導的溝通平台」。

Daijoubu在日語里是最常用的片語之一,既可以表示關切的疑問「一切OK嗎?」 ,也可以是肯定的回答「沒問題!」。我們希望大家在營營役役的日常多懂得問關心的人,今天你好嗎?我們希望每個人都挺起胸膛,說,我可以。我們希望讓每一個來到我們博客的讀者看都能感受到:我不是孤立一人,我們都有同樣的困惑、同樣的難題。學習了解自己,學習接受自己,學習愛自己。我們提供一個簡易透明的交流分享平台群組,讓大家在生活中感覺迷茫,覺得不知所措的時候,在這裡找到慰藉,找到精神的支持;又或者是遇到什麼有趣好玩的事物,可以廣而告之、與眾同樂。無論遇到什麼困難,樂觀正面地面對,找到合適的方法解決,一切都會Daijoubu的。



HK Daijoubu

HK Daijoubu strikes for overall well-being, mental/physical, as you can tell from the articles.

Founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, HK Daijoubu Life Magazine is a social media platform in the form of blog to share and exchange life hacks. Daijoubu is a platform more Female oriented. Our vision is to “let every reader embraces their true inner self”. Our mission is to “discover more suitable information for readers’ mental, physical and spiritual health and make their lives more enjoyable, fulfilling, and provide a communication platform for mutual assistance and guidance”.

One of the most common phrases in Japanese, “Daijoubu” can express the concerned question “Is everything all right?”; at the same time, it can also be the affirmative answer “No problem!”. We hope everyone be more proactive in expressing their care for people; how are you today? We hope everyone can always say to themselves; everything is ok. We hope every reader who comes to our blog feels that “I am not alone” and that we all might just have the same problems, the same puzzles. Learn to know yourself, learn to accept yourself, and learn to love yourself. We provide a simple and transparent communication and sharing online platform to find comfort and spiritual support here when you feel confused or lose in life. Or when you encounter something interesting and funny, you can spread the word and share the joy with others. No matter what difficulties you experience, face them positively and find the right way to solve them. Everything will be Daijoubu.

The media of the blog includes text, music, drawings and video. The subjects of the blog are food, health, travel, emotion, book and film reviews, fiction, and so on. You can read between the lines and find an interesting soul that can grow together and ever.

In 2021, we began introducing high-quality life products, taking “enabling users to better take care of and enjoy their own bodies” as the priority consideration. So welcome to browse, we hope you can find somethings suit you.

HK Daijoubu
“Embrace your true self and discover interesting souls.”